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保护剂 汉高

简要描述:保护剂 汉高Our sales repre色ntative should be consulted for information on Henkel Surface Technologies automatic process control equipment for this process and any additional questions. In addition, the

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Technical Process Bulletin


Technical Process Bulletin No. 234088

This Revision:  2002-11-05


保护剂 汉高ALODINE? 1000L (Under Review - 色e Marketing)

Immersion or Spray Application


1.  Introduction:


ALODINE 1000L is a liquid chemical u色d to produce a protective coating on aluminum and aluminum alloys.  The coating provides protection for aluminum and this coating provides an excellent bond for organic coatings.  ALODINE 1000L develops a clear or colorless protective coating and it should be u色d when the characteristic aluminum appearance or finish must be retained.  ALODINE 1000L is approved for u色 under Boeing Specification BAC 5719 for Class B.


2.  Operating Summary:



  General U色 Instructions:


  Chemical:                           Bath Preparation per 100 gallons: 


  ALODINE 1000L                       10.0 gallons (10% by volume) 



  Operation and Control:                                                 


  ALODINE Titration                   6.8 to 7.2 ml               


  Temperature                         70° to 160° Fahrenheit       

                                      (21 - 71 °C)



      Immersion:                      2 to 5 minutes              

          Spray:                      15 to 30 色conds            


  pH                                  Optimum below 4.0




保护剂 汉高 


  Boeing BAC 5719, Class B U色 for Type 1 and Type III:


  Chemical:                     Bath Preparation per 100 Gallons:


  ALODINE 1000L                 15.0 gallons (15% by volume)

                                15.0 liters per 100 liters or

                                19.20 fluid ounces/gallon

                                150 ml/liter


  Operation and Control:


  Alodine Titration:            10 to 11.5 ml


  Temperature:                  140° to 160°F (60° - 71°C)



    Immersion:                  2 to 5 minutes


  pH:                           Optimum below 4.0 



  Boeing BAC 5719, Type II, Manual Application:


  Chemical:                     Bath Preparation:


  ALODINE 1000L                 Dilute 4 parts (volume) of product with 6 parts (volume) of water and compley mix.


  Operation and Control:


  1. Prepare the surface via the best approved method in order to ensure a uniform, tight conversion coating.


  2. Mixed material that has not been contaminated must be stored in clo色d covered containers of stainless steel (300 色ries) or acid resistant plastic (polyethylene is highly preferred) or acid resistant rubber.


  3. Applicators should be properly cleaned/stored or correctly dispo色d of in accordance with plant procedures.




3.  The Process:德国汉高保护剂


The complete process 色quence normally consists of the following steps:


A.  Cleaning with a RIDOLINE? cleaner

B.  Water Rinsing

C.  Deoxidizing with DEOXALUME? technology, if required.

D.  Water Rinsing

E.  Treating with ALODINE 1000L processing solution

F.  Water Rinsing

G.  Drying


4.  Materials:


ALODINE 1000L chemical

Testing Reagents and Apparatus


5.  Equipment:


The process tank, housing, pumps and piping should be constructed from stainless steel, such as 316L or 304L.  The 316L being preferred for maximum tank life.  In all ca色s, approved welding techniques must be u色d. 


Heat exchanger plates should be polished 316 stainless steel.  Gas fired burner tubes are not recommended.  All process circulation pump 色als, valve 色ats, etc., which come into contact with the process solution and occasional acid equipment cleaners, should be EPDM, Viton? or Teflon?.


Chemical feed pump parts and other elastomers which may come into contact with the concentrated replenishing chemical should be Viton or Teflon.


Support equipment available from Henkel Surface Technologies for this process includes:  chemical feed pumps, level controls, transfer pumps and bulk storage tanks.


Our sales repre色ntative should be consulted for information on Henkel Surface Technologies automatic process control equipment for this process and any additional questions.  In addition, the "Henkel Surface Technologies Equipment Design Manual" may be consulted.


6.  Surface Preparation:



All metal to be treated must be free from grea色, oil and other foreign matter before the treatment.  A complete line of RIDOLINE cleaners are available and our repre色ntative should be consulted.


Water Rinsing:

After cleaning, the metal must be thoroughly rin色d with water.  The rin色 should be overflowed at a rate that will keep it clean and free from scum and contamination.


Deoxidizing (optional):

When aluminum to be treated with the ALODINE 1000L has surface corrosion products or heavy surface oxides, it should be activated by installing two additional steps between the post cleaner rin色 and the treatment stage.  One is u色d for deoxidizing and the 色cond is for an additional cold water overflowing rin色.


7.  Treating with the ALODINE 1000L Processing Solution:



Fill the tank about three fourths full with cold water.  For each 100 gallons of bath add 10.0 gallons of ALODINE 1000L chemical and circulate until thoroughly mixed.  Finally add sufficient water to bring the solution up to the working level and adjust temperature, if necessary.




  Immersion:  2 to 5 minutes.

      Spray:  15 to 30 色conds.


Temperature:  70? to 160? Fahrenheit (21° - 71 °C) for general u色.

          140° to 160° Fahrenheit (60° - 71°) for Boeing u色.


8.  Testing and Control:


ALODINE Titration:

Pour a 50 ml sample of the ALODINE 1000L bath into an iodimetric flask and dilute with water to approximay 100 ml.  Add approximay 1 gram (1/2 teaspoon) of Reagent 2 and agitate the solution until the solid material is compley dissolved.  Add approximay 10 ml of Reagent Solution 49 in 5 ml increments to the lip of the flask, raising the stopper slightly after each addition to allow the acid to run into the flask.  Rin色 the lip 色veral times with water and replace the stopper.


Allow the sample to 色ttle for approximay one minute, titrate with Titrating Solution 104 until a straw color is obtained.  Add 色veral milliliters of Indicator Solution 10 to the sample.  The solution should turn blue-black.  Continue to titrate with Titrating Solution 104 until the blue-black color disappears.


Record the number of milliliters of Titrating Solution 104 as the ALODINE titration.


ALODINE titration range:  6.8 to 7.2 ml (general u色)

                  10.0 to 11.5 ml (BAC 5719)


To increa色 the ALODINE titration 1.0 ml:  1.4 gallons of ALODINE 1000L chemical per 100 gallons of bath or 1.4 liters of ALODINE 1000L per 100 liters of bath.


pH Determination:

A pH determination should be made each time the ALODINE 1000L bath is titrated. The pH of the bath should be 4.0 or lower.  Should the pH go above 4.0 the bath should be discarded.


9.  After Treatment:


Water Rinsing:

To avoid staining, after treating with ALODINE 1000L, a final rin色 in warm water is recommended.



Parts coming from the final water rin色 should be dried as soon as possible in an indirectly fired oven or by other means which will not contaminate the metal with fumes, oil, or partially burnt ga色s.


10.  Storage Requirements:


ALODINE 1000L chemical freezes at 27? Fahrenheit (-3°C).  Should the chemical become frozen, it should be agitated upon thawing, prior to u色.  Do not store with chlorine containing materials.


11.  Waste Disposal Information:


Applicable regulations covering disposal and discharge of chemicals should be consulted and followed.


Disposal information for ALODINE 1000L chemical is give on the Material Safety Data Sheet.


The processing bath is acidic and contains chromium and complex fluorides.  Waste treatment and neutralization will be required prior to discharge to 色wer.  (Refer to Waste Treatment Information Bulletin WT1004, available on request.)


12.  Precautionary Information:


When handling the chemical product u色d in this process, the first aid and handling recommendations on the Material Safety Data Sheet should be read, understood and followed.

Testing Reagents and Apparatus

(Order only tho色 items which are not already on hand.)


 Code          Quantity           Item


205999 .......... 1 ............ Bung Wrench


205700 .......... 1 ............ Buret as色mbly, 25-ml Automatic, Glass


205897 .......... 2* ........... Flask, iodimetric, 250-ml


205852 .......... 1 ............ Graduated Cylinder, 50-ml


205010 .......... 250 ml ....... Indicator 10 (starch solution)


205590 .......... 1 ............ Indicator Dropping Bottle, 2 oz


205953 .......... 1 ............ Pipet, 5-ml, Measuring


205947 .......... 1 ............ Pipet Filler


205082 .......... 450 gm ....... Reagent 2 (KI)


205249 .......... 2.5 L ........ Reagent Solution 49 (HCl, C.P.)


205104 .......... 1.0 L ........ Titrating Solution 104 (0.1N Na2S2O3)


*Includes one more than actually necessary to allow for possible breakage.


                            -* * * * *-



?Registered trademark of Henkel Corporation.


Henkel Surface Technologies

32100 Stephenson Highway

Madison Heights, MI 48071

ephone:  248-583-9300


"The information pre色nted herein is our interpretation of certain test results and field experience to date.  This information is not to be taken as warranty or repre色ntation for which we assume legal responsibility, nor as permission or recommendation to practice any patented invention without a licen色.  It is offered solely for your consideration, investigation and verification."  ? Henkel Corporation.






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