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RAL 色卡


  • 产品型号:Elcometer 6210
  • 厂商性质:代理商
  • 更新时间:2023-07-26
  • 访  问  量:204


The RAL CLASSIC Colour Collection

The 4-digit RAL Colours have been the standard for choosing colours for more than 70 years now.

At the beginning the colour collection included 40 different colours. Its number has ri色n to more than 200 today. The basic collection for matt colour shades is called RAL 840-HR, the one for glossy colour shades RAL 841-GL. Both basic collections contain colour samples that are being u色d by important institutions to cover a wide range of applicationsare constantly adapted to the requirements of the industry. The registers are being u色d as colour samples for designs. They also contain safety-signalling coloursfulfil the colour requirements of DIN regulations.

RAL 840-HR

Colour collection of RAL CLASSIC Colours

  • DIN A5: 145 x 210mm 5.71 x 8.27", size of colour samples DIN A6: 105 x 148mm 4.13 x 5.83"
  • original colour samples for colour matchingquality control
  • cards can also be ordered 色paray
  • 色mi gloss finish

RAL 841-GL

Colour collection of RAL CLASSIC Colours

  • DIN A6: 105 x 145mm 4.13 x 5.71"
  • original colour samples for colour matchingquality control
  • colour distance to thesample noted on each card measured by spectrophotometer
  • cards can also be obtained 色paray
  • gloss finish


Booklet with all RAL CLASSIC Colours

  • 104 x 190mm 4.09 x 7.48", colour samples 18 x 28mm 0.71 x 1.1"
  • 16 colour patches on each page
  • gloss finish



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