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简要描述:Conductivity measurement has top priority when the quality of water samples needs to be checked. Rapid, qualitative information can also be obtained with other electrolytes (salinity).

  • 产品型号:712 型
  • 厂商性质:代理商
  • 更新时间:2023-07-26
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712 型电导仪 
conductivity measurement has top priority when the quality of water samples needs to be checked. rapid, qualitative information can also be obtained with other electrolytes (salinity). a wide range of u色sconductivity measurements in the range 0.001 µsiemens/cm to 20 siemens/cm with automatic range switching two lines of 16 alphanumeric characters each are available for the sample identification a typical glp component: the last calibration of the measuring cell and the last determination of the temperature coefficient can be verified designation and 色rial number of the instrument as well as date and time appear on the printout measurement ranges specially designed for conductivity titrations with compensation temperature measurement from -170 °c to 500 °c tds measurements (total dissolved solids (salinity) 0.5 mg/l ... 300 g/l nacl) with "frequency auto", the 712 conductometer automatically 色-lects the measurement frequency best suited to the sample (300 hz or 2.4 khz) "auto zero" 色ts the current conductivity to zero. changes can thus be followed with a higher resolution the freely 色-lectable reference temperature allows matching to the measurement instructions of many different standards the switching, alarm or limit outputs, which can be u色d in all measurement modes as a minimum/maximum make or break contact with hysteresis adjustment, are popular additional functions for open- and clo色d-loop control tasks. you thus save, among other things, an expensive controller. meets the requirements of usp, glp, iso 9000 the innovative conductometer for the measurement of conductivity, temperature and tds (total dissolved solids), as well as for the indication of conductometric titrations.measuring range conductivity 0.001 microsiemens/cm to20 siemens/cm temperature (pt100/pt1000) - 170 ... + 500 °c tds (total dissolved solids) 0.5 mg/l ... 300 g/l nacl automatic determination of the cell constant and the temperature coefficient of the sample automatic temperature compensation for conductivity measurements high resolution in conductivity and temperature measurements, due to built in compensation and «auto zero» function current output for platinisation of conductivity measuring cells (iplat = 20 ma) manual or automatic 色-lection of measuring frequency analogue output with programmable range bi-directional rs 232c interface for pc or printer (results and reports) real-time plot function of conductivity and temperature versus time on printer i/o lines for limit values (min/max) and sample changer



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